Efficient Staff
Training Tool

Include All Stages of Corporate Learning.

Build a learning organization more easily with mobility environment.

Start from Learning Content

With success of team contribution, accomplish knowledge accumulating,
sharing and interactive learning all around the place.

Teachor Platform Features

Digitalise your training material now.
Using our secure and professional enterprise document management tool
to accomplish quantitative analysis of business data and fully vision of human resource.

Support Multimedia Training Material

Create knowledge-base by uploading pictures, videos or existing PDF files.
You can also edit HTML content on the platform directly.

Online Exam

Evaluation of learning.
Test is not only to verify the result but also a way to learn.

Authorization Management

Access Permission

Base on departments or users
to set access permission,

encrypted upload and
secured storage.

Knowledge Base

Different content for each position.

Employees learn their
must-know knowledge to have

better career development.

Role-based authorization to
manage the editing and viewing right easily.

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