Kabob Privacy Policy

Below are about all types of customer data from Kabob Group (“Kabob”, included KABOB HOLDING Co., LTD, KABOB CREATIVE Co.,LIMITED, KABOB CREATIVE Co., LIMITED(Taiwan Branch), KABOB SERVICE Co.,LTD, KABOB CREATIVE NANJING Co.,LTD, KABOB CREATIVE JAPAN, KABOB SEA PTE LTD, KABOB CREATIVE SHANGHAI Co.,LTD, Fu Fu Labor Dispatch Co.,LTD) and all services that are related with Kabob.

1. Data you should offer

When you purchase products or Service as a Kabob user, Kabob will collect your personal contact information (including name, phone number, address and e-mail address), payment information (including credit card number, effective date, the type of credit card and billing address) and personal basic information (including position, working content, company name and company type).

2. Commission processing of personal information

Kabob commissions other financial companies (one or more) to process your payment of purchasing products and Service. As we know, these companies will not reserve, share or save your personal information and will not use it for other purposes.

In necessary using range, Kabob may commission your personal information (all or part of it) to third party for processing. Kabob will fully review the qualitative of the third party that Kabob commissions and requires to adhere this policy and requires to use your personal information only for Kabob.

3. Using of your personal information

Except the use of your information that is allowed by this Privacy Policy, Kabob will not use your personal information to any third party in any way. Kabob or the partners we trust may use your information on:

For research and develop products/services and improve the website, service and product of Kabob. Except the uses of above, Kabob may give third party your information in the conditions below

4. Collection of information

To offer you a better product and service, Kabob will collect information when you are using the products and service of Kabob:

Kabob may combine your information with trusted partners and third parties to understand your demand more and offer you a better using experience.

5. How Kabob protect your personal information

Kabob is committed to protect the secure of your personal information. Preventing unauthorized accessing, changing, exposing or damaging. Below are the ways Kabob protects your personal information.

6. Change of Privacy Policy

Kabob’s 《 Privacy Policy 》will modify or change irregularly. Every time Kabob modified or changed it, Kabob will release it on this page also inform you through your e-mail.

Kabob has the right to change Privacy Policy. Other unfinished matters are handled in accordance with the current laws and network regulations. If you have any concern or questions, welcome to inform us online, Kabob will solve it as soon as we can.